Strawberry Jerry

Get Kush Strawberry is predominantly a Sativa type of weeds with an aromatic and uplifting fruity fragrance. Consumers prone to anxiety prefer Strawberry because of its stress-reducing properties without anxiety characteristic of high THC strains. Enjoyable and relaxed, Strawberry provides minimal to extreme effects for patients in search of physical and mental relaxation.


Strawberry Jerry is a hybrid strain characterized by Sativa 70 percent sativa/30 percent Indica and developed by an unknown combination of berry-flavored strains.


Strawberry Jerry High is certainly a creeper, moving continuously on your mind until you drive your head to a hazy and euphoric state. You’ll sense the flow of emotional and internal energy flowing next, charging you with a tingle of ‘Get up and go’ and trying to organize your hazy mind.

This emphasis is on rising and dropping, and you won’t get what you need to do. With a high 24% THC level, these results make Strawberry Jerry great for chronic fatigue, exhaustion, psychological distress, nausea and headache.


This bud has a good flavor of strawberry berry and a delicious exhalation of gasoline. The fragrance is made of organic strawberry and fiery diesel mixed in a soft earthy overtone. Strawberry Jerry buds have a little spicy green mint with amber fur and golden trichomes of amber.


Anxiety and fatigue are now being managed successfully with this potent strain. Strawberry Jerry can cure many of the illnesses that come with extreme stress and can quickly get rid of mild symptoms such as migraines, anxiety, back pain, and muscle spasms or cramps.

Strawberry Jerry is a reliable antidepressant, creating a happy, tingly effect on you, covering up all the other physical pains you can feel. Its uplifting aroma and taste add to its popularity since it is enjoyable even for patients who may not even treat their disorders with cannabis.


Get Kush Strawberry Jerry is also very helpful in treating people with chronic severe pain. This magic strain will also treat and relieve joint spasms, cramps, and headaches. People who need something fast for their joint pain feel relief after utilizing this strain. Strawberry Jerry is the perfect treatment for migraine sufferers.

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