Kief (1 OZ)


KIEF is a cheap weed and  cannabinoid and terpene-rich cannabis powder, comprised of a high concentration of trichomes, microscopic resinous glands which contain the active medical ingredients of cannabis (commonly known as “hash” or “pollen”). The word “kief” from Green Society is connected to the Arabic word kayf, which fittingly refers to pleasure or well-being.

Green Society KIEF can be vaporized or smoked on its own or mixed with any other dried cannabis, allowing clients to adjust their dose and cannabinoid Green Society ratios easily and accurately. The Green Society product is also suitable for baking and further processing or extraction by clients.

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1 OZ (28 grams), 2 OZ (56 grams), 3 OZ (84 grams), 4 OZ (112 grams)


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