OG Kush (Ogk)


OG Kush is a classic marijuana strain, famous throughout North America and beyond.  As a building block of countless subsequent strains, it is a legendary amongst budtenders and its pleasing characteristics mean this hybrid is well-loved by all knowledgeable marijuana users.  This popular strain is likely to be one of the best-sellers in cannabis stores and online dispensaries across the country.  

OG Kush first came to prominence in Florida during the 1990s.  Bred as a hybrid of indica and sativa, it rapidly became well-known for its distinctive terpene profile and gained instant respect from marijuana aficionados. 

OG Kush has a unique terpene profile produces an instantly recognisable and unforgettable aroma that blends an earthy, musty odour with citrus tones. Once broken open, the buds give off a bright, unmistakable pine scent.  

But the reason OG Kush became well-known was not just its enticing scent and flavour.  OG Kush quickly gained a committed following due to a remarkably high potency. OG Kush is famous for its incredible concentrations of THC, which reach almost record-breaking levels of 19-24%.  Unsurprisingly, OG Kush became the obvious starting-point for anyone trying to breed new, high-strength strains.

Walk into any cannabis store today, or shop on the web at any online dispensary and you will find the genetic fingerprints of OG Kush all over contemporary West Coast cannabis varieties.  

OG Kush is not just well-respected by budtenders, but it is also one of the most popular strains around.  OG Kush is said to be a social strain and is often used to spark lively conversations and get the party going.  

The highs from OG Kush typically begin with a strong headrush, along with heightened focus which intensifies sounds and colors.  OG Kush users report that this tends to be slowly replaced by feelings of euphoria.  

As well as recreational use, the fact that OG Kush promotes calm and positivity, means that it is regularly taken to treat depression, anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder, while also being an effective remedy for pain and nausea. 

If you visit your local cannabis store or shop at an online dispensary, you may see OG Kush stand out with its bright orange pistils contrasting sharply with yellow-green leaves.  

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OG Kush

OG Kush Cheap Weed is one of the most Green Society‘s demanding cannabis varieties in the region, and famous variety common in the world. Thanks to its excellent taste for lime and diesel and its award-winning power, it is an option for many customers. However, if you’ve been hunting for a strain that’s both quick on your tongue and ideal for all kinds of pain-cure, healing, OG Kush is surely worth trying.


Almost everybody has aware of the weed strain, OG Kush. It is one of today’s most popular medicinal cannabis varieties grown and sold by dispensaries.

The popularity of bmwo.shop OG Kush has risen among singers, performers, and consumers of medicinal weeds, renowned for its rather rough, gritty, thick buds that give rise to an exciting wind.

In addition, many people believe that OG Kush is a mix between Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush, the legendary Pure-Indica landrace strain. OG Kush has small to big nugget-like buds with a thick, indicia-like shape. The leaves are yellowish-green, although specific phenotypes can exhibit signs of purple; the latter is the result of cold weather inducing anthocyanin—the bright orange pistils, which collect pollen from fertilizing male plants, strikeout among these colorful weeds.


OG Kush has a powerful new fragrance containing an earthy, piney, or woody fragrance. The taste contains soft orange, lemon, or lime fruit with a spicy-like twist. Physically, it is green-yellow with red-orange pistils. OG Kush is a leafy green with thick trichomes and broad buds. When you’re searching for a strong THC variety, this combination is the OG around. The level of THC was reliably calculated between 20% and 25% is another aspect to be discussed this powerful strain.


OG Kush, mostly consumed by many patients with neurological problems and chronic discomfort, is a highly therapeutic cannabis herb that has intrigued the medical marijuana industry for its potential to help cure so many diseases.

  • Yes, its powerful therapeutic advantages are definitely one of the main reasons for Bmwo.shop OGK’s tremendous success over the last half-decade.
  • Combining analytical stimulation and behavioral improvement helps this to be remarkable social Cannabis, ideal for gatherings and lively conversations. It’s also a great way to create habits that influence the body and mind, such as video games, exercise, and even sex.
  • Bmwo.shop OG Kush has medicinal potential as a way of temporarily alleviating fear and depression by helping customers to thrive right now.
  • Bmwo.shop OG Kush Density can also help people who suffer from concentration deficit problems.
  • Many Bmwo.shop OG Kush users reported relief from headaches and migraines.
  • OG Kush can make consumers feel anxious at higher doses.


OG Kush is definitely a big player in the entertainment and medicinal marijuana use realms, so if you’ve never done it before, you ought to consider it. Go and Order Now OG Kush from BMWO.SHOP the leading online dispensary and enjoy the “award-winning power” and alleviating fear and depression. If you have any further ideas, queries, or questions about Bmwo.shop OG Kush, please contact us. Bmwo.shop, the leading online dispensary, really loves to hear what you think and what you want to know. We will be pleased to answer your query. Keep your buddies safe!

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